Biggest Horse Races

Popular Sports that Involve the Use of Horses

Horse riding competitions have been around for centuries. The competitions involve the horses being trained and ridden for competitive purposes. There were horse-riding sports and competitions like Chariot racing even during the ancient Egyptian era. This article outlines a few horseback riding sports, how they are played, and how the winners are determined.

Show Jumping

In this sport, the rider and his horse must complete a course with obstacles that are either uprights, spread, or combined jumps in doubles or trebles. Showjumping tests the scope, agility, and how careful the horse is. The winner of the competition is identified by a combination of being the fastest and having the least faults.

Horse Polo

The sport is among the oldest team sports developed in India for Cavalry Units as training games. The game consists of two teams with four riders on each team. It lasts at least one-and-a-half to two hours with 7-minute periods known as chukkas. The teams try to outscore each other, and the one with the highest number of points wins.

Barrel Racing

It’s a rodeo sport where the riders and their horses are supposed to navigate three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. The barrels are arranged in a triangle pattern, one straight ahead, one on the right, and the last one on the left. From a standing horse, the rider who completes the barrels’ pattern within the shortest time wins.

Team Chasing

The game involves pitting four riders against each other over cross country courses that are roughly two miles long. They also have up to 25 fences along the way for the horses to jump. The team that completes the course clear within the least amount of time is pronounced the winner. The clock is stopped when the third team member crosses the finish line.