Biggest Horse Races

Belmont Stakes

It is a 1.5-mile race, which is also the third and final leg of the thoroughbred Triple Crown racing competition held in the United Sates. I takes place annually on every second Saturday of June. Having started in the 1867, Belmont Stakes is regarded as one of the oldest racing events in the history of equestrian sports. The race takes place at Belmont Park in New York, a metropolitan setting, which makes it one of the most attended horse racing events in North America, alongside the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. Its TV coverage is also excellent, with millions of people tuning in to have a glimpse of the event every year.

Since the Belmont Stakes racetrack is slightly longer than other Triple Crown legs, the average time taken to complete this race is also longer, with 2 minutes and 24 seconds being the shortest time on record the race has ever been won. This occurred in 1973. Being a Grade One thoroughbred race, all the horses in this competition must be three or more years old. At the moment of this writing, Belmont Stakes’ cash prize stands at $1.5 million.