FEI Equestrian Sports


Vaulting simply refers to dance and gymnastics on a horseback. It can be done by anyone, irrespective of gender, and it is a popular international sport, especially in the Western world. In countries such as Switzerland and Germany, vaulting is well established.

Vaulting can either be competitive or non-competitive. In a vaulting competition, pairs, teams, or individuals compete against each other. The participants can either compete at the trot (beginners) or canter (veterans), depending on their level of experience. The horses used for vaulting usually move in a circle, under the guidance of a lunger.

Vaulting involves choreographed freestyle exercise movements, with scissors, flag, mount, flank, stand, mill, and basic seat being the most common ones. The time it takes to complete a freestyle performance varies depending on whether one is performing as an individual or as a team. For teams, it takes around four minutes, while individual vaulting lasts for around one minute. A freestyle performance comprises of skills such as handstands, standing, leaps, lumping, kneeling, mounts, and dismounts. The participants are awarded a score of zero to 10. In case of a tie, the horses will be judged to break the tie.